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About Us

The center was established for youths that felt a need to be purposeful by joining hands in saying;

We have decided to leave back all our bad habits that have been hindering our personal development and derailed our lives. We have found a purpose, a passion to lead meaningful lives. We are starting small but we hope a small step in the right direction will lead us onto greener pastures that will enrich not only our lives but the lives of our beloved families, friends and the community we live in. We want to be the change we want to see.

Maip Mulitaka Maramuni Youths A purposeful Life


The idea of bringing together youths in the community together to engage in worthwhile cause was born.

Project Initiation

First project started with the Digging of Fish pond for Trout farming

Awareness for Launching

Awareness was conducted for the launching of the Association

Launching of the Center

The current phase is the Official Launching of the Awareness by Honourable Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Dr Tom Lino, MP for WABAG